Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms/Teaching – since this area is rarely taught as part of teacher preparation coursework, many teachers often feel underprepared to meet the needs of students they encounter in their classrooms. Through an exploration of evidence-based concepts regarding learning styles, locus of control, and culturally responsive theories, participants gain a new understanding of the children they teach and how to effectively instruct each of them.  This series of workshops helps and reinforces the understanding that it is indeed true that “all children can learn,” if educators are equipped with the proper tools and strategies to effectively reach them.

Culturally Responsive Parent Involvement - a series of workshops that focus on culturally responsive strategies for increasing school and community partnerships, effective parent/teacher conferences, school/community trust and much more.

Educational Concepts Mentoring (Coaching) - provides coaching and feedback for teachers. This product provides a space to create professional learning environments guided by trust, norms of collaboration, high expectations, on-going inquiry, and deep reflection by working directly with educators through evidence-based teaching practices using EC’s cultural responsive models.

Educational Concepts Leadership and Teambuilding Conference - designed to facilitate engaging activities for school leaders that increase synergy among leaders through collaboration, increased trust, and the development of authentic communication within the team. The result is significant improvement in student academic performance. This is an all-inclusive, three-day conference.

Educational Concepts Data Reports - offer insights into the practices and performance of educators and students, which allow for data-driven, evidence-based recommendations to inform educational improvement.  These data reports measure and ultimately encourage cultural responsive approaches on campus that positively impact student achievement at the practice and policy levels.

Educational Concepts Teacher Retreat and Teambuilding Workshop - designed to facilitate engaging activities that will allow teachers to connect with their leadership team, develop clear culturally responsive (CR) goals and values and gain CR strategies that positively impact student achievement, parent involvement, and the overall school culture and morale.

CR Classroom Management - designed to create a safe and positive school climate through culturally responsive practices. As a result, schools will see a decrease in discipline referrals.

Professional Book Study, Tutoring, and Enrichment Services - EC facilitates book studies that are tailored to the particular needs of the school or school district to assist school and district leadership teams.

We provide tutoring and enrichment services to students in grades K-12 in Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and ESL. We provide culturally responsive instruction that is aligned to the Texas state standards.